11 months ago

UV LED multi-channel multi-band light source of the main purpose and application

    1. UV-curing, 12-channel 365nm wavelength of all the LED, the light intensity can reach 6000mW / cm2
    2. UV light source, biological genetic engineering, molecular genetics, medical health, biological products, dr read more...

11 months ago

Uv led exposure compared with the traditional exposure machine

Uvled curing exposure machine compared to traditional exposure machine has more advantages, and the obvious advantages
    Uvled curing exposure machine refers to the device by turning on the light, the film or other transparency read more...

12 months ago

UVLED curing coating application of the ten areas

UV LED curing as fast curing, low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection and so on. In recent years, due to UV LED curing not only in the wood coatings, metal decoration and printing (printing and dyeing), in the field of < read more...

12 months ago

Exposure machine supporting UV LED cold light source curing machine advantages

Exposure machine supporting UV LED cold light source curing machine Application:
    First, the light distribution program with two groups of lens array lens cross-arranged with light.
    Second, the implementati

12 months ago

UV light curing lamp

UV light curing lamp (UV light curing lamp) is the use of special effects of ultraviolet light made of the lamp. Widely used in bamboo flooring, furniture, decorative materials, printing, printing cans of iron, plastic coating, signs, circuit boar read more...

12 months ago

UV LED printing advantages

1. Long life

     Traditional UV light source in about 600-1500 hours after the new, frequent replacement of light source parts, may cause frequent failure of the printing press curing; also may reduce the operating effici read more...

1 year ago

Use classification of UV light source

Uses UV light source is very wide:
    UV light source machine is mainly used to cure a small are read more...